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Google Chrome Enterprise provides the OS, browser, and devices your business needs to cloud-power your workforce. Book a call with one of our experts to see how the Chrome Enterprise upgrade can help your team get more done, together.

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The Best of Chrome, But Built for Work

Chrome Enterprise Browser

The securest browser in the world.

Chrome Enterprise

Chrome OS for Enterprise

The OS made for cloud Enterprises.


Introducing Chrome OS for Enterprise

Why Chrome OS?


Chrome OS prevents users from harmful attacks and works with diverse application ecosystems to ensure apps are trusted while providing IT with essential controls.

See some of the key security features below;

Chrome Enterprise


Chrome OS is designed as a read-only operating system, and with primary file storage happening in the cloud, Chrome OS devices become inhospitable to ransomware.

How does it help prevent it?

  • Low on-device footprint
  • Read-only operating system
  • Verified boot confirms that the system is unmodified at boot up

Malicious applications

With the Google Admin console IT administrators can restrict applications that do not meet their security standards. Sandboxing isolates processes and limits the scope of an attack. 

How does it help prevent it?

  • Sandboxing
  • App and extension restricting
  • Managed Google Play


Devices are shielded from phishing attacks by warning users before they enter a malicious site. Also two-factor authentication helps stop hackers attempting to gain entry using stolen passwords.

How does it help prevent it?

  • Proactively prevent users from reaching malicious sites
  • Seamless support for two-step verification methods
  • Password alerts on compromised sites
Chrome Enterprise


Access the productivity, video conferencing and line-of-business apps that your teams need, including Microsoft apps, Google Workspace, Zoom, Slack, Box etc.

See some of the key features below;


Run legacy and Windows apps through virtualisation solutions like Citrix, VMware and Cameyo. 

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS

Provide quick access to legacy, proprietary and full-featured Windows applications locally on a Chrome OS device, helping businesses easily transition to cloud-first devices.

Access to all kinds of applications

Leverage progressive web apps, Android apps, Chrome extensions and more on Chrome OS devices.


Free the IT team from the day-to-day pains of managing endpoints while providing employees with fast and seamless access to information and cloud-based tools.

See some of the key features below;

Admin Console

Fast Deployment

Fast and easy deployment enables organisations to quickly scale with less burden on the IT team.

Always up to date

Reduce calls and tickets to the help desk with a reliable OS that’s easy to use and always up to date thanks to the regular background updates.

Hassle-free endpoint management

Googles Chrome OS for Enterprise provides helps take the guesswork out of IT, providing admins with hassle-free management all from one cloud admin console.

Chrome Enterprise

Employee Benefits

Chrome OS provides end users with a familiar experience that IT can easily integrate with existing infrastructure to keep things running smoothly, and keep employees happy and productive.

See some of the key features below;



Employees have access to versatile devices that boot in under 6 seconds, while updates occur in the background, allowing them more time to be productive. 


Secure, cloud-based backup systems and 8+ hours of battery life on devices let employees work worry-free, from anywhere in the world that suits them. 

Sync anywhere

Save and sync apps, preferences and extensions to stay productive on Chrome OS devices from anywhere.


Chrome Enterprise Security

Find out how Chrome Enterprise security helps keep your business safe in the cloud.

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Advanced security, simplified orchestration, flexible access and 24/7 support with Chrome Enterprise upgrade.

Cost Savings and Business Benefits

A commissioned Total Economic Impact study on shared Chrome devices by Forrester Consulting

Introducing the Chrome Enterprise Browser?

Why use the Chrome Enterprise Browser?


Chrome has built-in and added protections to safeguard your organisation from external and internal threats.

See some of the key security features below;

Chrome Enterprise


Prevents malware and isolates malicious web pages that try to infect devices or steal data.

Regular updates

Protects users from the latest security vulnerabilities – no patching required.

Site isolation

Goes beyond sandboxing to further protect against malicious attacks by spreading between processes on the same tab.

Extension security

Chrome allows users to benefit from extensions, while giving admins control of extensions based on permissions and sites visited.

Chrome Enterprise

Browser Managment

Streamlined management tools give admins full visibility and effective cross-platform controls.

See some of the key features below;


Cloud Management

The admin console is the single destination for managing browser policies, settings and extensions across Chrome browser users.

Legacy Browser Support

Dynamically redirects to a legacy browser for specific apps as necessary, keeping users in a secure modern browser unless there is an exception.

Microsoft Active Directory Support

For enterprises that prefer to use on-premise solutions, Chrome also supports group policy with hundreds of policies available for Windows.


Chrome browser makes working in the cloud easy for today’s connected workers.

See some of the key security features below;

Chrome Enterprise

Smooth User Experience

Deliver a smooth user experience across different devices and operating systems thanks to unified browser management.


Avoid downtime and let users pick up wherever they left off across different operating systems and devices with a simple browser sync.

Enterprise Apps

Provide fast, secure access to productivity-boosting enterprise apps like Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce, Workday and more.


Chrome Browser Overview

Work securely and productively in the cloud with Chrome browser.

Chrome Browser Cloud Management

Manage enterprise deployments of Chrome browser centrally from the cloud, across Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Chrome Browser Security

Work securely and productively in the cloud with Chrome browser.

Chrome Browser Financial Summary

See how Chrome browser can financially benefit your enterprise – a Forrester Consulting infographic.

Chrome Browser's Total Economic Impact on your Organisation

Cost savings and other benefits your company can achieve with Chrome browser.

ROI in Six Months

A commissioned study summary by Forrester Consulting on the Total Economic Impact of Chrome browser.

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