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You're at work no matter where you are or when. At ekte, we make sure your IT can keep up with you, adapt to your needs and ‘just work’ no quibble, no fuss.
Its just the ekte way.

ekte enable our customers to achieve their goals

ekte people make things work, better, quicker, more securely, it’s what we do, it’s why we get up in the morning. We get that IT frustrates, cost too much, does not deliver anything, let alone what was on the tin.

So, we adopt a partnership approach with our customers, they trust us to sort out their IT for them so that they can get on doing their day jobs. Quietly without fuss, we will overhaul all aspects of our customers’ IT – devices, network (even making printers work!), applications, back- ups, web site and of course security.


Having our customers best interest at heart and working with, not against them, enables ekte to provide informed advice. We take responsibility for and deliver what we have promised whilst ensuring that your company is better protected and more efficient at using technology – Digital transformation is what we do. 


Managed Services

Outsourcing the maintenance, development and security of your network is a big decision. Your network will have evolved and grown as you have, your people and their skills too. But Covid has changed everything, if you have had to let people go but still need work carried out – application  deployments, devices upgrades, back-up and DR maintenance; then ekte can help.

Again due to Covid we are looking to assist companies by undertaking work at cost price – we are extremely fortunate to have a large public sector install base that is insulating us from the worst of Covid – so let us help you reduce your cost and maximise your efficiency all for the minimum possible charge.

Ekte’s technicians can take over the running of your whole ICT estate or just one part of it, give us a call let us know how we can help.


Security Services

A hacker sees a device as a node on a network, they don’t care what size the network is or the turnover of the company that their automatic software attacks they just want to be paid for hacking. To protect yourselves companies of all sizes, need IT Security and of course ekte can provide firewalls, end point protection, web filtering and email. You name it we provide it.  But the most important security your business has are its people and the processes you adopt – basic simple security steps are far more effective than the latest bleeding edge security.  Let ekte take care of your security so you can take care of your business.

Secure Devices

Due to Covid, the office had to be abandoned and with it the protections of the company’s network including the firewall. Working from home has many advantages but increasing the IT security of your company’s infrastructure is not one. As a Google Chromebook partner, ekte is able to provide you with highly secure Chromebook devices that do not need extra software to secure them. Chromebooks have inbuilt security at the OS level – simply put Google themselves keep your companies devices free of viruses. Call us to find out about the many layers of security built into your Chromebook devices that keeps it secure whilst you access the internet, cloud applications and the office network via VPN or Citrix emulation.

IT Cost Reduction

The office has no one in it, the hugely expensive Internet connection sits idly by. That’s an obvious cost saving. Why pay for a super fast Internet connection when everyone is at home – but what else are you paying for that is not being used?

ekte can help you reduce your costs by identifying the software your employee’s are using. We can tell you what to stop paying for or we can show you much cheaper ways of working in this new home/office hybrid way that bring immediate relief to your bottom line. Talk to us, we are a small business too we know what it’s like.

Back Up and DR

Everyone is working from everywhere, you are all using cloud applications. The server room is empty, the onsite software migrated,  even the files on PC hard drives are now replicated via OneDrive/SharePoint and Teams to the cloud and I need to back up WHY?

Protection, risk prevention, insurance, call it what you like but knowing that all the companies precious data is being looked after and securely stored means you have one less thing to worry about. ekte is a N-able back-up  partner so we are able to back up your workstations, documents and MS 365. Just as importantly we provider faster restores to get you back up and working should disaster strike. 


BT is switching off the traditional PBX phone network, and so all calls will be routed over the Internet. This enables your computer to be your phone and your personal mobile to have an app on it that turns it into a company phone. 

But which Cloud VOIP is right for you? ekte is a partner with 3CX one of the leading VOIP suppliers in the world.  Using 3CX your employees can call, set up conferencing, take calls on – a  handset, mobile, tablet or computer and be productive where-ever they are. Secure, reliable and flexible 3CX gives you control whilst saving the company money. 

Zero trust

At ekte we do think Chromebooks and the Google Security ecosystem is the best thing since sliced bread. However, it only protects the end point and data in Googleland  – who is protecting your network and why is the Coffee Machine actually on the network?

Well, the wonderful world of 5G will enable everything to talk to everything else. In techie its known as  IOT or ‘Internet of Things’, which means that when your coffee machine is out of coffee it contacts Amazon and re-orders it for you – the coffee refills arrive before you are even awake enough to realise you needed them. Brilliant, but, if your coffee machine can talk to your network and use credit card details to pay for items, then an unscrupulous actor (as they are called – no, no idea either – ‘actor’ they are on a stage not in a darkened room eating pizza – nevermind)  can take over your coffee machine and use it to hop around your network and cause damage to your documents and bottom line by stealing from you or forcing you to pay a ransom.

Zero trust is precisely that, nothing is trusted and no devices can talk to anything on or off the network that they should not – so the IOT becomes the Internet of things doing what I have allowed them to do not what they want to

IT Audit

During Covid, by necessity companies have had to have employees working from home. This introduces risk to the security of your corporate network as everyone logs on remotely via a VPN or ZTNA  methodology.

ekte appreciates that with enforced lockdown and revenue plummeting, paying extra for an IT Audit is the last thing management is thinking about.  Imagine surviving the nightmares of Covid and the ever changing advice only to be brought to your knees by a hacker.

Let ekte undertake a free of charge Audit of your network and no, this is not a philanthropic offer. Yes, it’s free, but our hope is that by helping you know when things are difficult, when the pain of this Covid shutdown is over and your company once again starts to prosper you will continue to work with us.

The Security Audit will show weaknesses in your network defence, GDPR issues, compromised passwords, open ports and other vulnerabilities that will help you gain control of the situation and ensure your data remains secure.