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At ekte, we make sure your IT can keep up with you, adapt to your needs and perform to the highest standard.
No quibble, no fuss it's just the ekte way.

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We understand that IT can be frustrating, at times costly and often doesn’t meet expectations.  

Here at ekte, our team of trained, highly skilled technicians are here to change that. We use our expertise to make your IT work, better, quicker, more efficiently.    

We strive to adopt a partnership approach with our customers, they trust us to ensure their IT is operating and performing at its peak so that they can get on doing their day jobs. 

We deliver on our promises and commit to improving your business by ensuring your IT systems are protected, secure and working efficiently.


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Managed Services

Outsourcing the maintenance, development and security of your network is a big decision. As time passes and your business changes, your network will too. Application deployments, device upgrades, backup and DR maintenance are all essential in an ever-changing environment. 

At ekte, we can assist companies by undertaking work at a cost price, so let us help you reduce your costs and maximise your efficiency, all for the minimum possible charge. 

ekte’s highly-skilled, trained technicians can take over the running of your whole ICT estate or just part of it.  

Give us a call to discuss how we can help. 


Security Services

When a hacker sees a device on a network, they don’t care what size the network is, or the turnover of the company, they just want to be paid for hacking. To protect yourself, you must have a reliable and robust IT Security system.  

ekte can provide firewalls, endpoint protection, web filtering and email, and help you adopt best practices for your network, everything you need to keep your business safe.  

 If it is protection and security for your business that you are looking for, then you name it, Ekte can provide it.  

 Let ekte take care of your security so you can take care of your business. 

Security Servies

Secure Devices

For over a year Covid has had a devasting effect on businesses all around the country, with many offices having to be abandoned along with it, the protection of the company’s network, including the firewall.  

Although working from home has proven to have many advantages, increasing the IT security of your company’s infrastructure has not been one.  

As a Google Chromebook partner, ekte can provide you with Chromebook devices that do not need extra software to secure them. Chromebooks have inbuilt security at the OS level – simply put, Google keeps your company’s devices free of viruses.  

Call us to find out more about Chromebook advanced security devices. 

IT Cost Reduction

With home-working becoming more popular, having an office with an expensive Internet connection can prove to be a waste of resource and money. Why pay for a super-fast Internet connection when everyone is at home?   

This is just one example of how ekte can help you reduce your business costs. By identifying the software your employees are using, we can advise you on how to reduce your subscription fees and costs. And provide cost-effective alternatives to help you save money and bring some much-needed relief to your bottom line. 

Back Up and DR

Today’s business environment usually means that employees are working remotely, all using cloud applications. The server room is empty, the onsite software migrated, even the files on PC hard drives are now replicated via OneDrive/SharePoint with Teams to the cloud. Why then, would you need a backup?  

The answer is simple, protection, risk prevention, insurance, call it what you like, but knowing that all of your companies’ data is being looked after and securely stored means you have one less thing to worry about.  

ekte is a N-Able backup partner so we can back up your workstations, documents and MS 365. More importantly, we provide faster restores, so you can be back up and working in no time, should disaster strike.


BT, one of the leading service providers in the country will soon be switching off the traditional PBX phone network. Subsequently, all telephone calls will be routed over the Internet (Voice Over Internet Protocol) enabling your computer and mobile (via an app) to become your company phone. 

But which Cloud VOIP is right for you? which one best meets your business needs and which one is most efficient?.  

ekte is proud to announce that we have partnered with 3CX, one of the leading VOIP suppliers in the world.  

3CX technology enables your employees to call, set up conferencing, take calls on a handset, mobile, tablet or computer and be productive, where ever they are.  

Secure, reliable and flexible, 3CX gives you control whilst saving the company money.   

Zero trust

At ekte, we believe Chromebooks and Google Security ecosystem are the best. However, these products only protect the endpoint and data in Google.  

But what does that mean for your network? is your network infrastructure protected? 

In the wonderful world of 5G where businesses enable all devices to communicate with one another, it often leaves networks open to attack from threats that appear to be ‘safe devices’. These seemingly harmless ‘devices’ move around your network, locating valuable information, such as credit card details, damaging your documents, corrupting data and leaving you vulnerable to theft.  

Zero Trust is a security model based on the premise ‘trust nothing, verify everything’. It requires the strict verification of every person and device trying to gain access to the resources on a private network. Thus preventing any outside attacks. 

This extra level of security is essential for protecting your data and safeguarding your business. 

IT Audit

As the demand for remote working grows, so does the risk to the security of your corporate network, as employees across the country begin to log on via a VPN or ZTNA.  

Here at ekte, we appreciate that for many businesses grappling with the current climate left in the wake of Covid, that paying for an IT Audit may be the last thing management is thinking about.  

That is why ekte are offering a free audit of your network. A comprehensive Security Audit will highlight weaknesses in your network defence, GDPR issues, compromised passwords, open ports and other vulnerabilities. We aim to help you gain control of your network, ensure your data remains secure and protect your business.