Everything ekte

And finally, why are we called ekte?

We’re delighted you asked! ekte is a Norwegian word that simply means ‘genuine’, and being genuine goes to the heart of everything we do and stand for.


It's time to change the way you think about IT

At ekte, we believe IT should ‘just work’ no histrionics, interruptions or delays. It’s our job to enable you to utilise your IT to the maximum.

  • Understand, be informed, so you can plan to upgrade your physical infrastructure through innovative purchasing options.
  • Migrate your resources to the cloud, make all applications, documents and files available from everywhere. Work where you want with total security.
  • Train users to use what they have, make them confident, happy that the IT is there for them to exploit, learn and discover.

Managed services for

ekte talks to businesses, we work with you to make your IT reliable, scalable, secure and useful.

Our Services section shows how, from a simple consultation to a fully
managed service, we can help you no matter what the size of your budget.

Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts

Google accredited, cloud migration experts with comprehensive CPD training to underpin the value of your IT investment, we make your IT more efficient and cost effective whilst promoting a whole school use – teaching the teachers.