Receive a FREE comprehensive IT Assessment worth over £2,500

Get a detailed assessment of your IT hardware, connectivity and security and assess your potential cost savings, security risks and much more.

Your Free IT Assessment

Get a complete picture of your entire IT estate at no cost to your business. Our non-intrusive data collectors, quickly scans and identifies network risks and threats, without the need for local installations. We only use market leading and award winning technology to assess your network.  ekte’s experts will provide a comprehensive risk report with fully costed expert recommendations for you to consider and implement. We are so confident that our IT Assessment will deliver significant benefits to your orgnaisation that we are offering the Comprehensive IT Assessment for Free. That’s a £2,500 cost saving!

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What is included in the IT assessment?

Our IT Assessment includes:

  • Network Infrastructure checks
  • Device checks
  • Connectivity checks
  • Security checks
  • External and internal system and network security audits
  • External/internal infrastructure review
  • Simulated whitehat web app hacking
  • Host setup security Testing
  • Database setup security assessment
  • Server build evaluation
  • Penetration tests
  • Application testing
  • Network configuration review
  • Firewall security control Testing

What are the benefits of having an IT assessment

  1. Mitigate risks, vulnerabilities and threats before they impact on your organisation
  2. Identify quick wins and efficiencies to continually improve your system’s performance
  3. Continuous protection – our IT Assessment can be repeated annually or when-ever suitable to provide ongoing protection
  4. Peace of mind – We provide an independent, documented expert assessment of your network to give you peace of mind.
  5. Reassure stakeholders and customer organisations that their information is safe
  6. Receive a full costed program of actions and recommendations to transform your IT security and network performance
  7. Prove that the business complies with set industry regulations and standards.
  8. Make better decisions faster, with a detailed and valuable insights into infrastructure, network, processes, and security

How it Works?

1. Apply

Applying for your IT Assessment is easy. Book a Review with one of our Experts today.

2. Review

Our IT Assessment Experts will assess your current situation and suggest the best IT Assessment for your organisation.

3. IT Assessment

If you qualify for a Free IT Assessment, we run a detailed scan of your network, connectivity and security at no cost to you.

4. Report

Ekte produce a comprehensive IT assessment with fully costed recommendations.

5. Recommendations

Our Experts will provide a series of recommendations to protect your network. We’ll include no and low cost quick wins, as well as more comprehensive solutions to protect your organisation.

Why Ekte?

Ekte brings your digital transformation to life. We empower IT managers to achieve more, with less. As Google Partners we are helping organisations across the UK to transform their IT by combining our expertise, flexible resourcing model and guaranteed service levels.

Our IT Assessment tools are the best available. They are award winning, easy to use and provide the comprehensive reporting necessary to protect your organisation. Our ekte Experts have many years experience of delivering IT Assessments for small, medium and large organisations across the UK. We understand and interpret the report in partnership with our clients in order to provide a full set of recommendations to help your organisation to digital transform.

A comprehensive IT Assessment and client report typically costs in excess of £2,500. However, ekte are providing this service for Free for qualifying organisations.