Google Chromebook

Google Chromebooks are built for modern businesses and help them meet the challenges of the future.

Google Chromebook

Why Google Chromebooks?

Google Chromebook

Google Chromebooks are Very Secure

One of the main advantages of a Chromebook is that they’re secure and that they stay secure. Chrome OS, the operating system, contains integrated security by default, which always stays up to date. That means a Chromebook is not susceptible to viruses. Chrome OS also automatically creates backups of your files, so you can always retrieve them if you lose them. Most Chromebooks also feature a TPM chip, a piece of hardware that protects your data. That means a Chromebook provides security through both software and hardware.

How much can your organisation save with Google Chromebooks?

Lower costs, simplify operations, reduce security risks and decrease downtime with Chromebooks.

Some of these cost savings include:

  • Anti virus software
  • Encryption software
  • Application distribution software
  • OS patches
  • System updates
  • Backups
Google Chromebook
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Return on Investment
Hours Saved for Workers Per Device Each Week
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In IT Management Cost Savings
Google Chromebook


A Chromebook is almost a zero touch device and works seamlessly with Chrome Enterprise. Once a Chromebook is Enterprise-enrolled, which takes no time at all, there will be no maintenance anymore. That means that you will be able to save time in the following aspects:

IT Department

  • Imaging a PC before handover to the employee isn´t needed anymore.
  • Image updates – not needed anymore because Chrome OS updates itself.

End User

  • No more waiting before the laptop starts up: a Chromebook boots in 6 seconds
  • No more waiting for updates: a Chromebook update happens in the background so you won’t see this message anymore

Use Cases

Your company might not be ready to move all its devices to Chrome Enterprise, but that’s not needed either. You can already have massive savings and productivity gains if you implement Chrome Enterprise for a few use cases in your organisation. 

Below are some common use cases;

Temporary Workers

Many organisations work with consultants, interims and trainees. These people require a company device to access files, emails and potentially some corporate applications. 

Imagine how much time you can save if you can give these temporary workers a Chromebook, instead of going through the hassle of setting up a Windows machine for each individual user with personalised settings.

Loan Laptops

Imagine the time an employee loses when he forgets to bring his laptop to work or when the Windows machine is at the IT Helpdesk for maintenance purposes.

What a time save it would be if they could just grab a Chromebook and continue to work, this would reduce an enormous amount of productivity loss. 

Shared Devices

Chromebooks are a perfect choice for organisations that share devices, such as companies with shift workers.  This is because Chromebooks are made to keep user data completely separated. 

Employees simply switch the user profile on the Chromebook and the device is ready to be used by another user!

Chrome Enterprise


Selecting the Right Chromebook for your Cloud Workers

Not sure which Chromebook is right for your workforce?

Let us walk you through three simple steps to help you select the right device

Chromebooks total cost of ownership (TCO)

See how much you could save by switching to Chromebooks using our TCO calculator.

Cost Savings and Business Benefits

A commissioned Total Economic Impact study on shared Chrome devices by Forrester Consulting

An End-to-End Solution for Businesses

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