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Google Workspace

Why Google Workspace?

Accessibility, Anytime, Anywhere

As a cloud-hosted platform, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) can be accessed 24/7, from any location. 

Google Workspace apps are compatible with all browsers, and you can use any device to access your Google Workspace features and content.

A common misconception is that because Google Workspace is cloud based you can only use it with an internet connection. With Google Workspace’s offline features, you don’t need to rely on the internet to get your work done or to access your data. You simply do what you need to offline and next time you connect to the internet it will sync online.

It’s also reassuring to know that Google Workspace has a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for its apps, meaning it never has any downtime or scheduled maintenance and you’ll always be able to access your files.

The underlying benefit of Google Workspace’s accessibility is that remote and on-the-go working is fully facilitated. Employees can create documents, collaborate with colleagues in real-time, video call clients or send emails at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Google Workspace
Google Workspace

Industry-leading Enterprise Security

Google works hard to keep your information safe. Google employs rigorous, industry-leading security protocols for both its physical data centers and cloud-hosted operations. They also offer great security features to their Workspace customers.

Some of these include:

  • 2-Step Verification: Using the “Google prompt” or “Google Authenticator” methods are a secure way to provide an extra layer of security for unrecognised sign ons. You can go one step further and ad a USB security key that employees must use to access their accounts.
  • Context access aware: this feature can be set up so that you can control where employees can sign in from. For example a certain device only, certain IP address or location etc. 
  •  Data loss prevention: As an admin you can set rules and policies on what types of data can be shared externally. This can be done by using keywords and phrases that are linked to sensitive data. You can set alerts to your admin when it happens or just block the sharing of the files altogether until you clear the content. 
  • Data Encryption: All content that moves between Google’s servers and your company is encrypted. Admins can also set customized encryption rules for specific content. They can even set up their own client based encryption keys.

Cost Effective Solution

There are many ways that Google Workspace can save your company money. You no longer have to buy and maintain company servers and hardware. Security protocols and checks are all taken care of by Google. Collaboration tools mean you can cut down on travel or even office space if you wish.

And because Google Workspace apps are so extensive you can get rid of many other third party apps and licensing such as video conferencing, chat apps, cloud storage.

For example by simply replacing box, zoom and slack Google workspace can save 70% + in monthly costs.  So speak to us today and see how we can help you cut your costs with Google Workspace. 

Google Chromebook
Admin Console

Easy Admin Governance

Google Workspace’s Admin Console is a power tool that gives IT managers and business owners greater control over company activity.

Using the Admin Panel, users deploy policies, restrictions or conditions on employee accounts, data, devices, verification settings and apps to make sure they’re being used correctly. 

The Console’s Reports panel also generates reports on user activity, giving admins key insights into how employees are using Google Workspace for business. In a few clicks, admins can gather useful information about email, drive files, content sharing etc. It can also be used to identify any potential security threats.

Google Workspace Applications

Google Workspace is Google’s integrated solution, providing high performance productivity applications, designed for users to feel they are collaborating no matter where they are working.

Because Google Workspace is such an easy to use software, it means you can spend less time managing your work and more time actually doing it. Smart suggestions help you prioritise so you can address what’s important. Let Google handle the rest with best-in-class AI and search technology that helps you work smarter.




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Google Admin Console

Admin Console

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Google Workspace Plan Overview

The Business Family (300 seats or less)

Google Workspace

The Enterprise Family (300 seats or more)

Google Workspace

How can ekte help?

Ekte Ltd., is your partner in the Google Cloud process, from the initial assessment and analysis of your environment to the plan for the final roadmap. From plotting migrations of low-risk workload to estimating costs, we help you select the best solution for your business.

Below you will see some key Google Workspace support services we can assist you with;


Whether you are new to Google Workspace or an existing customer looking for a renewal we can look to offer you the best priced licensing on the market. 

Set up and Deployment

If you are new to Google Workspace we can help you get set up effectively and deploy  your users, security settings and policies.


If you are looking to make the move from Microsoft O365, webmail, gmail or even other Google workspace accounts, we are here to support you through that migration journey. 

Assisted IT Support and Consultancy

Ekte offer support packages for all your IT needs, we also can offer consultancy on how to get the best out of your workspace accounts as well as organise change management training for those employees who are new to the google offerings. 

All the tools you love, now seamlessly connected.

Get in touch today to see how Google Workspace can help you get more done with business productivity and collaboration tools loved by billions of users.


Designed for flexible, fluid, and fast collaboration—when, where, and how you need it.


Address what’s important and let Google handle the rest with best-in-class AI and search technology that helps you work smarter.


An integrated workspace that’s simple and easy to use, so you spend less time figuring out how to manage your work and more time actually doing it.


The Total Economic
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Google Workspace

Google Workspace vs. Office 365 comparison report
Google Workspace vs. Office 365 comparison infographic

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