ekte Schools

Supporting, fixing, deploying, assisting, at
ekte we help teachers teach, no matter how
no matter where

ekte more than just school support

ekte delivers outstanding ICT so schools can

concentrate on delivering outstanding teaching and

learning. This includes making sure that all devices work,

applications load, and software is deployed that

supports and enhances the teaching experience.

At ekte we understand the great strain and pressure

schools and teachers are under to always do

more with less – less budget, less time – more results


We put together individually tailored ICT plans with

each school and then work hard with the

school to exceed the planned objectives – delivering

projects on time and within budget, deploying

time saving and classroom controlling software and

training the teachers on the new and existing

ICT that the school has.


Time in education is precious don’t let it be wasted

by malfunctioning recalcitrant ICT allow ekte

to work with you and transform the schools digital


Google Workspaces

As a Google Accredited Partner, ekte can deploy for the school a  Digital Education Platform that is fully funded by the DfE. But the platform is just the start, at ekte we provide extensive training and support to schools to ensure they gain the maximum benefit from their Digital Education Platform.

On Site Technical Support

ekte provide onsite Technicians to deploy and maintain new software, applications and hardware to school’s and MAT’s. With 25 years of onsite support experience, a dedicated support and provisioning desk we are here to support, advise and assist at all times ensuring the schools IT ‘just works’.

Internet Connectivity

Fibre to the Cabinet FTTC or Fibre to the Premise FTTP sound similar but the difference in speed and reliability is significant, thankfully the price difference is reducing equally significantly. At ekte we are a partner with  BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and many other ISP’s so we will give you impartial advice about the various types of Internet Connections available, their costs and benefits, its your budget so we let the school decide.

Internet Security

At ekte we secure all our Internet connections with a managed firewall and supply a choice of Web Filtering and Anti Virus products that work on and off the schools network – protecting school owned devices even when they are used in the home. Our unique Managed Web Filtering service run by CEOP accredited Safeguarding officers provides further protection to the schools use of the Internet.


‘All the Gear, no idea’ is a well known sporting phrase but it can equally be applied to schools. Having spent vast amounts of the limited budget on the latest Whiteboards, Laptops, Chromebooks, Digital Education Platform, WiFi access points – you name it, who has told or heaven forbit taught the teachers how to actually use the equipment…

At ekte we see this as one of our core reasons to exist, we are always amazed at how little thought is given to teaching teachers to use the IT, so we make CPD training a core part of our onsite IT Technicians service.

Cloud icon

Cloud School

The concept of Cloudschool is simple. 

The network, software and applications that run on an onsite server are securely moved to multiple servers spread over three UK datacentres.

By removing the onsite network the school no longer has to worry about server performance, disk issues or the ability to scale and back up…

Each Cloudschool is optimized for performance, is fully maintained and is supported to allow the school stress free computing. Access to the schools files and applications are available from anywhere.

 A perfect solution for schools that are required to teach remotely.


Having a fast Internet connections enables schools to take advantage of using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to save money and gain flexibility with their phone system.

Calls can be made and received on traditional desk or wall phones and via software on staff mobiles, turning those mobiles into school devices.

Call routing, call hunting – where a call is sent to a landline then a mobile, call recording all come as standard as does fixed price packages that allow unlimited calls.


Email Security

Both Google and Microsoft include free email filtering within their flagship offerings, both are good. But as over 90% of email traffic has spam, phishing, malware and other electronic threats, for the more exposed info@ , enquires@,  headteacher@schoolname email addresses ekte recommend the school considers adding advanced protection from LIBRAESVA. This software checks the reputation of the sender – if they are known to be compromised or a phising/graymailing domain or malware the email is rejected whilst unknown sender mail is opened safely in a sandbox before being delivered to your inbox.

Back- UP

With Cloudschool,  O365, G Suite for Education – why do schools need to back-up??? Simple, one of all of them may fail, or a user may accidently delete a file or even worse a file path. By taking a back up of your SIMs server, school CSR, applications, teacher created lesson content and all the other myriad of software used in schools ekte can guarantee that anything lost, deleted or plain corrupted can be restored and returned to the way it was before – its more that peace of mind it just plain sensible.


ekte as a Google Partner can provide G Suite for Education and all the Classroom management software that comes with it. Our Cloudschool is based upon the power of Microsoft and O365, we are accredited suppliers of Senso, Wonde, Weduc, iboss, McAfee, SolarWinds, LIBRESVA, Securus, Neverware and Draytek – our support desk is run by a teacher with a computing degree, at ekte we love Tech, especially learning about and teaching new applications and software, call us for a chat about all and anything IT.